It’s time to STOP SMOKING NOW ~ Here’s how we can help you.

Using  hypnosis and our specialised experience in the processes that really work we pride ourselves in having developed one of the most unique and advanced stop smoking systems to help you to quit and stop smoking for good in ONE session.

Using the power of hypnosis together with our own special stop smoking process, which we adapt uniquely to you and your personal needs, we will help you to stop. We really take into account those times when you enjoyed a cigarette and those other times when you found yourself just smoking ~ THE HABIT.

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One of the reasons we are so successful with our clients is that we always offer a no risk, complimentary consultation. This lasts for approx. 20 minutes and allows you to feel totally comfortable we are right for you.

Whether you proceed or not we will give you our Self Hypnosis CD ‘What Will It Mean?’ with our compliments.

When you choose to work with us to become a non-smoker in just one session we also give you Joseph Clough’s Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis CD (selling on line for £24.99) to make sure you stay and remain free of smoking.

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It may be saddening to note but many human beings have become addicted to smoking and the number is continuing to increase over the years. Act now before it will be too late to do anything!

It’s time to Stop Smoking Now

Smoking in actuality is a killer, there is nothing good about this habit that can’t be got by other means and it seems so very difficult to get rid of. People start smoking for the heck of it, and then it becomes a necessity or else the person begins to feel all kinds of withdrawal symptoms that are intolerable and the person gets back into the motions of smoking.  One becomes more like a slave that is driven by this deadly tobacco master. What seems harmless in the
beginning can turn into something as lethal as death. You are told by the media that if you are a smoker you are on a slow death row with none but yourself to blame. You are snuffing your life out one cigarette at a time.

So what can be done. Are you now helpless? Well it may seem that way and for those who have tried and failed to give up what can you do?

Well first of all know this – It’s never too late to stop. No matter how long you have smoked or how many you smoke it can be done and we are speaking from experience, Real experience of helping people stop smoking in One Session.

There are various ways to quit smoking out there but it all depends on how successful they actually are. All of a sudden one fine day one wakes up and decides to give up smoking, easier thought or said that done. In just a few days the cravings begin and the courage is swallowed up by the tobacco demon again. There are some very good stop smoking processes that use hypnosis , it is a proven way to release one from the clutches of smoking.

However a really successful stop smoking program using both hypnosis and NLP has been created by three neuro linguist programming and hypnosis experts (Luke, Joseph and Paul Clough of Cambridge Hypnotherapy). It is a form of psychotherapy that has been tried and tried and tested on more than five thousand smokers and then improved and refined to meet each client uniquely.

You know by smoking you are not only putting yourself at risk but the people around you as well. How you may ask, well the ones that inhale the smoke get affected as well. Should you decide to stop smoking then there is help available and you need to put the effort forth as well.  Just as you learned to smoke you have to teach yourself to not depend on nicotine and exercise self control. Smoking eats away the inside of a person gradually, to a point where one can only be satisfied by another drag. Why would you want to be a victim of cancer, tuberculosis or any other tobacco related disease? Look at the other side for a moment; if you quit smoking you get healthier and live a longer life, you save more money and time. You are finally stronger to quit smoking and never turn back, it’s something to be proud of, what more do you want than live a stress free life.

What to expect at an initial consultation with Chris or Paul of Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic

If you want to find out a little more about what happens at our inital consultation we have a pdf download that explains a little more of what to expect.
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